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The Cybertraps Podcast

Jul 29, 2021

Tom Kowalski is the Founder and CEO of REP, a global digital security and reputation advisory firm specializing risk protection. REP helps to preserve online assets, and public images.

  • Provide peace of mind and ease worry about reputation.
  • Social media platforms are incredibly unhelpful
  • Model is built on advertising...

Jul 26, 2021

Jane Clementi co-founded the Tyler Clementi Foundation alongside husband Joe because she wants to make sure that our society learns the consequences of discrimination and bullying, as she learned all too personally through the loss of her son.
A native of New Jersey and devoted mother of three sons, Jane speaks...

Jul 22, 2021

Heather is a thought-leader in the IT Training and Cybersecurity field. Heather keynotes at conferences, universities, and for enterprise clients. Heather regularly speaks about Cybersecurity, Women in Technology, Women and Diversity in Cybersecurity, creating a Cybersecurity Culture, Entrepreneurship, Privacy, and...

Jul 20, 2021

Michael Skinner is an award-winning advocate, educator, writer and critically acclaimed singer, songwriter, guitarist, addressing the issues of trauma, abuse and mental health concerns through public speaking, writing and his music.

He has spoken at the National Press Club, was a keynote presenter for a conference held...

Jul 15, 2021

Brandon Laur has been employed with Personal Protection Systems working as a White Hatter for over 12 years.
Since May 2013, Brandon has been operating in a management position in the organization overseeing special project developments; most recently, developing the White Hatter production studio and the subsequent...